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Landscapes and Hardscapes for Commercial Projects

When you are constructing a new building for your commercial or business venture, you spend a lot of time on the architectural details.

Designing and installing the exterior spaces of your property are just as important. Establishing a neat and well-kept campus, developing a comfortable set of common areas, and even planning how your parking lot looks - all of these impact how your business is viewed.

The landscaping and outdoor areas of your commercial building convey an image to your customers or tenants, and help support your brand identity. A well-planned exterior keeps your neighbors happy, and maintains a positive mood with your employees.

Midwest Turf & Landscape has worked with many local businesses to install landscapes and hardscapes on commercial construction projects.

What We Offer

  • Landscape Design and Installation

    We meet with you to fully understand your needs, your passion and your vision, walking through the property with you to evaluate and survey the potential of the property.

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    Make sure the land your property will be developed on is properly leveled or sloped. We work with the architect and contractors to grade your land to the exact specifications required.

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    Landscape Beds

    Create a stunning landscape of green lawn or add trees, shrubs and flowers in a rock or mulch bed that adds a level of depth and color to your outdoor space.

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    Seeding and Sodding

    Install a new lawn, or add life to an existing one, with our lawn seeding or sod installation services.

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    Retaining Walls

    Create appealing and safe separation of plantings, walkways and other elements with a stunning retaining wall installed by our professional staff.

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    Irrigation and Drainage

    Keep your landscape irrigated and properly drained with our sophisticated systems and experienced teams.

Our Promise to You

We are a locally-owned and operated business happily serving the greater Topeka area for the past 10-plus years.

Talk to us today about your commercial or business project.

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