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Things to Know about Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Summer is in full bloom, and the long hours of sun and heat can take a toll on your lawn and plantings.  These dry and hot days can make your landscape turn from a lush green to a dull brown, and turn your beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers into drooping and wilted plants.

Lawns need a lot of water, as much as 1 inch or more of hydration per week.  They also need it on a regular schedule, so watering once per week may not be the right approach.  Furthermore, each lawn has its own set of factors to consider, such as the type of grass, the amount of sunlight it receives each day, and the soil type it is growing in.

Do you have the knowledge – and the time – to manually water all areas of your grass and landscaping, and do it on a regular schedule?  If not, you might consider installing an automated irrigation system.

Adding an underground sprinkler system to your home is something every homeowner with a reasonably large area of lawn or landscaping should think about.  Irrigations systems provide several benefits to you as well, including:

  • Delivery of the proper amount of water to each area of your landscape at the appropriate time
  • Worry-free maintenance of your lawn – they pay you back in free time you have to enjoy other activities
  • Proper irrigation keeps your lawn healthy and more resistant to disease
  • Conservation of water – sprinkler system settings allow you to only water as required
  • A lush and healthy lawn increases your curb appeal, and your resale value

Irrigation System Considerations

Thinking of adding an irrigation system to your home is exciting!  A sprinkler system is, however, an investment, and you want to make sure you’ve considered several factors that will impact how useful and efficient it is.  First off, talk to an expert (such as Midwest Turf & Landscape) who can help guide your decision-making process.  Alternatively, chat with neighbors or friends who already have these systems, and find out what they like or dislike about their current set-up.

Once you are sure you want an underground sprinkler set-up, consider the following important things before installing it.

1. Property Size

The area of land you need to water will naturally impact how big a system you will require.  How much of your yard really needs to be watered regularly?

2. Property Shape

Sprinkler systems can deliver water to almost any shape and size, but the more complex your landscaping is the more zones or complicated set-ups you might need.  How many different areas that can be covered by a single sprinkler zone do you have?

3. Types of Plantings

Grass requires different water amounts than trees. Many types of plants require different hydration levels and schedules, and therefore needs to be watered differently. How is your landscape laid out, and do you have separate areas that need different watering schedules?

4. Irrigation Zones

Sprinkler systems can be installed that deliver different amounts of water to different areas of your landscape.  These are called irrigation zones, and in essence allow you to take into account all the different watering needs your entire property requires, and then install a system that divides this into zones.  How many zones do you think you have?

5. System Controllers

There are numerous types of irrigation system controllers out there, from ones you set yourself to more advanced ones that take into account your current weather. How much complexity and automation do you need?

There are several other things to look at when planning a system, such as how will you dig up and install, how will you hook up the system to your water supply, and which types of sprinkler heads do you need for each zone.

An irrigation system will give you years of well-watered, healthy lawns and landscapes, but is not a project to be taken lightly. Consulting with professionals – such as Midwest Turf & Landscape – to design, install, and maintain your system is highly recommended.

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Midwest Turf & Landscape is your local expert in new and upgraded irrigation systems. We have been installing them since 2006.  Call or contact us today, and we will take the worry and effort of adding a sprinkler system out of your hands.

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