Spring Yard Cleanup

Getting your lawn and beds ready

Landscape Cleaning Tips

Just like one's house is improved by an annual spring cleaning, your yard will be much healthier and more vibrant if you clean, prune, and generally get your landscape prepared for the growing season.

Cleaning up the yard can be broken out into a few key stages:

  • Debris removal
  • Pruning and thinning
  • Soil and bed preparation
  • Application treatments

Depending upon the size of your yard, this may seem overwhelming, but you can simply approach it one stage at a time.  Or call a professional service like Midwest Turf & Landscape.

Removing Winter's Debris

Check your lawn and all of your planting beds for accumulated debris, fallen branches, and leaves, as well as items like sticks, acorns, pine cones, rotted mulch.  Basically, anything that doesn't belong.

Rake or pick up all of the items and dispose of properly.

Pruning Shrubs and Thinning Beds

Examine your trees and shrubs for clearly dead branches that are still attached to the plant, and remove them.  If you are uncertain if the branch is no longer alive, leave it until later in the spring - sometimes it can be hard to tell when there are no leaves budding, and it's better to not cut off a functioning part of the plant.

In your flower and planting beds, remove any dead leaves or flowers from perennials.  If your plants seem too crowded, now is the time to thin them out, transplanting a few to other areas in your landscape.

Preparing Soil and Beds

Check to see if parts or all of your lawn have compacted soil, and aerate those areas that need it to allow more oxygen and water flow to the roots of your lawn.  Look for thatch - the intermingling of dead and living grass that lies on top of the soil - and remove any excess.

Move on to your plant beds, and gently rake or till to break up hardened soil.  Be careful of perennials and other plants while doing so. Remove any weeds or dead growth, and excessive old mulch while you are there.

Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Pesticides

Generally, application of fertilizers, weed control and insecticides will happen towards the end of your spring clean-up.  However, the use of these is very dependent upon the types of plants or grass you are growing, the types of pests or weeds you want to eliminate, and whether you are putting in new growth.  Read carefully the instructions on the treatments you purchase, or consult an expert.

Professional Cleanup and Lawn Care

Midwest Turf & Landscape is your local expert in lawn care and maintenance. We have been installing and taking care of landscapes and lawns since 2006.  Call or contact us today, and we will clean your yard and get it ready for a fantastic year of enjoyment.

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